Design Profiles: Heather Somers of Élan Studio

For our next Design Profiles subject, we wanted to keep things close to home. Mutually based out of New Orleans, designer Heather Somers of Élan Studio shares with us all that inspires her.

From our beautiful city to the ever-changing creative industry she works in day-to-day, get all of the details and words of wisdom from the incredibly talented designer below.  

Name and occupation. 

Heather Somers, designer and owner of Élan Studio. 

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Check emails, then Instagram and then shower. 


Name the one thing you never leave the house without. 

I know this is obvious, but my phone! It is crucial for me to be connected to everything and everyone 24/7.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

My parents have always taught me to stay focused on what's important. Set your goals and always give 100% in obtaining them. They have taught me to never be afraid to be wrong, instead learning how to embrace those moments becoming a better, stronger person the next day. 

Describe your design style in five words.

Elegant, innovative simplicity, classic, functional. 

What is one thing every home needs?

Something imperfect - an item that stands out and creates a conversation.

Where do you pull inspiration for the spaces you design and create?

I resort to all of my design books and magazines. If you come by my house, I have more design related literature than furniture itself! I am consistently investigating inspiration from experiences through nature, fashion, etc. Inspiration for me comes from my knowledge of the world, our ever-evolving creative industry and my daily surroundings. 

How have you created a workspace you can thrive in as a designer?

We have a very open studio environment where the designers and myself can constantly work off of each other. I believe it is very important to collaborate as designers, and because of this truly creative environments are formed. 

What are three elements crucial to the spaces you design?

A focal point, contrast and repetition. 

What about New Orleans inspires you as a designer?

Born and raised - it's always been the culture and passion of this beautiful city! The vibrant color of palettes and ornate, detailed architecture are inspirations of mine that are deeply rooted in a rich history. These elements are only a fraction of what embodies the unique, energetic and welcoming character seen in the past and present. 

Describe Ave Home in one word.