Spotted: AVE Raw Louie Dresser in the One Room Challenge

It's One Room Challenge Season, and blogger Mollie of Design Loves Detail selected our Raw Louie Dresser for her newly refined home office space. Keeping the piece in its natural wood color, Mollie finished her dresser with simply a light coat of wax for protection and durability.

Anchoring the room with a bold piece of abstract art, we love how Mollie pulled colors from the work to integrate into her interior. She achieved a perfect balance by juxtaposing pops of emerald and antique blue with the blush sofa and raw wood of the Louie Dresser.

We love to see our pieces in such a thoughtful context. The result of this artfully-minded project is fresh, balanced and clean. Bravo to Design Loves Detail! Read her full post on the One Room Challenge reveal here