Design Profiles: Ave Home's Lisa Rickert

Ave Home Lisa Rickert

We're thrilled to announce the newest series we will be rolling out on the blog: profiles covering the best and brightest design minds Ave Home works with in our day to day. 

First up in the series? None other than our Founder and Creative Director, Lisa Rickert. Lisa is the founder of both Ave Home and Unfolded. In addition to building two companies from the ground up, she is a mother of two. We sat Lisa down to discuss design, entrepreneurship and everything in-between. 


Name and and occupation.

Lisa Rickert. CEO / Creative Director of Unfolded and Ave Home.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Check my emails and take a quick peek at Instagram.



Name one thing you never leave the house without.

My iPhone (i.e. my mobile office).

Describe your design philosophy in three words.

Elevated, versatile, classic.

Where do you pull inspiration for the pieces you create?

A constant source of inspiration for my work is the history of design...each different period and style. The past is usually a starting point my design process, then I work to make sure it is appropriate for modern applications. My goal is to create a sense of timelessness with each piece.

Ave Home Aria Arm Chair Charlotte Pedestal

You're a mother of two and have also built two companies from the ground up. How do you get it all done?

First off, I have an amazing husband, Scott, who has always supported me regardless of my wild ideas and aspirations. Not only are we business partners where he routinely manages all the operations of both companies, but he is always there for the kids and I. He is my emotional rock and my soulmate through life. We are often asked, "How do you work with your spouse?", but I couldn't imagine it any other way. 

I also have two incredible teams, made up of family and employees. My brother has been a part of our company from the beginning. My teams are very capable and I have formed extremely valuable and trusting relationships with them. I always tell people that our employees must have two characteristics that are essential to working with me: they must take initiative and be able to work autonomously under my direction.

What is one thing every home needs?

A well designed living room!

How have you created a workspace you can thrive in as an entrepreneur and a designer?

Keeping things light, quite literally. My office at our headquarters and at home is filled with natural light and a neutral palette. We've created a place we can be both productive and at ease in our surroundings. 

Ave Home Aria Console

What are some exciting things you're working on?

Currently, we are moving in a direction that will layer in transitional pieces that can act as a perfect compliment to our existing collections which exhibit stronger qualities of antiquity. We are also expanding the hugely successful Aria and Carlyle Collections. 

Additionally, we are creating bedroom furniture - we'll have more options such as nightstands, as well as a canopy bed and headboard which I'm very excited about. The designers we work with also love AVE Raw, so you there is definitely more to come there as well.

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